Prizes & fees

Information on prizes and fees can be found here, in addition click FAQ above for answers to other standard queries.


Prizes will be awarded to: 
•Best Speaker award from among semi-finalists / finalists of THE competition and discretionary Second Speaker prize (chosen from all competitors) - short stage at the European Court of Justice

•Winning Team - Visit to University of Cambridge during the  first week of the following academic year. (only if this week is inconvenient will a substitute book prize be awarded).

•Semi - Finalists / Finalists - a book award

•Best written pleadings - a book prize to the winning university. (This will be awarded to the best pleading received either from the applicant or respondent.) 


•The competition fees for 2015  will be split into two parts, firstly a registration fee of 150 euros payable on submission of written pleadings on 20th March 2015 with the balance of the fee payable for participation in oral rounds.

•Fees for the oral competition in Tbiisi are 700 euros per team to paid either by bank transfer prior to 12th April or in cash on registration in the venue on 1st May.

•Fees do not include travel from the home university of the team to the city where the competition is held but do include the accommodation and subsistence of the team during the currency of the event.

•A team includes three to four members and one accompanying coach.