Aims & Purposes

The purpose of the CEEMC competition is to enable young lawyers in each country to become more aware of, and familiar with the law of the European Union and the application of EU law in member States.

This moot court competition simulates a mock trial using the basis of a preliminary reference from an EU Member State national court to the Court of Justice to the European Union and is based upon one or more issues of European Union substantive law.

The panel of judges includes members of the Court of Justice to the European Union, professional judges, academics, representatives from the EU institutions and professional lawyers. Each participating team will be required to represent both the applicant and defendant, firstly in the form of a written outline of their arguments, which they then support orally before the court.

Originally aimed to assist familiarity and undertstanding of EU law in participating countries who had recently joined, or were soon to join, the European Union, the competition now includes participants from further East such as Georgia and Russia. The competition emphasises the importance of the harmonisation of the laws of Member States to enable them to successfully pursue their application as well as to gain the utmost economic and constitutional benefit from the assistance given directly by the Union in development programmes.

In a competition involving so many young law students from the Central and Eastern European block in a European law context, the students are provided with a number of opportunities to develop skills which they may then use both at their home universities and in their professional lives.