British Law Centre

The British Law Centre operates as part of Juris Angliae Scientia Ltd which is a charitable foundation set up in 1992 and its objects are to promote education links between the United Kingdom and Poland and other parts of the Central and East European Region.

JAS has functioned as the engine for promoting and supporting the activities of the BLC, initially in Poland and more recently in other parts of Central and Eastern Europe. The current BLC has its central administration in Warsaw where it has three resident tutors who also form part of the team of tutors who visit the other Polish and Central and Eastern European centres. Educational supervision comes from the members of the charity Juris Angliae Scientia Ltd and the Director and Deputy Director of Legal Projects who are also a fundamental part of the teaching team. The primary objective of the British Law Centre was to provide a corps of Polish lawyers with sufficient knowledge of English law to meet the needs of English and Polish law firms. Since then its popularity and prestige have increased considerably and has led to its course being recognised, by its students and law firm sponsors, as ideal preparation for legal practice in an international law firm.

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Under the initial academic direction of Professor W.R. Cornish, FBA, and the former Academic Director Richard Nolan (both of the University of Cambridge) and through the medium of the charity Juris Angliae Scientia Ltd, the Centre developed its current programme of studies, which is taught entirely in English and provides a one year diploma in English Law and Legal Skills, in which students are taught a number of the core subjects of the general English law degree along with vital, practical legal skills. Graduates of the DELLS diploma course are then offered the chance to complete a second diploma in commercial law.

More information about the courses can be found at The BLC founded the Central and Eastern European Moot Competition in 1996 to supplement the educational experience of its graduates and students and other young lawyers in the region, so aiding the necessary improvement in legal skills education and training in the region.